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Establishing a solid business relationship with your customers involves the act of getting them to develop trust in you. While with an offline business transaction, this goal could be directly realized by adhering to conditions such as provision of quality product or service, and transacting at a fair price, there is need to adopt a modified approach when doing business online e.g. using free information to promote your business. This is informed by the fact that there is no direct contact between a seller and a buyer when it comes to transacting business online, hence the need arises to go the extra mile in order to prove beyond reasonable doubt to a buyer, that the unseen (online) marketer or merchant has genuine offer(s) to make. There are various means of employing free offers to promote a product or business online as you will find out in the following paragraphs — Free Or Bonus E-book:One of the ways of using free information to promote a product through the internet is by offering free e-book: this is a document in downloadable electronic format. The idea behind this give-away is to achieve the ultimate aim of rousing the curiosity of a prospective buyer about the product being offered; to do this, a marketer needs to provide valuable tips about his product in the bonus offer. NB- the content of the offer should be useful but not conclusive I.e. it should leave the intending buyer craving for more facts about the product. Since the aim of this promotional tool is to hold the prospect spellbound, there is therefore need for the marketer to include link to his website in his free stuff; this will prompt visitors to his website to follow this link in order to get more facts about the product. The beauty of giving out free e-books is that it is inexpensive, except for the onetime effort expended in packaging and uploading the e-book.

- Using Content Blogs:Free information for promoting a product or business online can also take the form of blogging. Blogging has to do with setting up a website containing tips about a product, which is continually and frequently updated with fresh tips. Generally, users of the internet are information seekers and, to continually update a website with fresh content is of great benefit when doing business online. A site that is constantly updated will be in a position to attract large amount of traffic, since visitors will see it as a reference site for further information about their topic of interest, and search engines will also recognize such site for indexing which leads to more page exposure of the site. As with free e-books, the aim of using a content blog to promote a product or business online is, to supply valuable but non-conclusive tips about a product, thereby provoking the curiosity of the buyer to seek more facts about the product. Links to the website of the product being promoted is therefore included in the contents of the blog which prompts prospects to follow the link to find out more about the product.

- Writing Articles:Another way of using free information to promote business online is by writing informative articles about a product and submitting such articles to Article Directories. These directories command large volume of traffic by way of surfers who constantly flood them in search of information on their respective areas of interest, and by way of webmasters who visit the directories in search of content for their websites. Writing and submitting articles to directories provides the writer the benefit of using the Author Resource Box to promote his product or business: an online marketer therefore uses this resource box to supply links to his product site so that viewers of his articles can follow this link for further information about his product.

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If you have a business that also includes a website that offers a product or a service you might be interested in article syndication as an effective way in which you can help to promote your business. Article syndication is a really popular method and entails writing articles about your company, your product or your service and publishing those articles online for general consumption. This is an especially effective strategy if you are just starting up a new business website. Before you can expect to have all those orders coming in, you first need to promote your business online. If you have never written articles before then here are a few steps that you need to take in order for your writing plan to succeed.The utmost important thing that you need to do when you are planning on writing an article of this kind is to make sure that you have a good plan for your article and where you plan to distribute it. So for your article campaign to work, you need to know what it’s going to be about, how many of them you are going to want to write and where you want to place them.

Figuring out what the article is going to be about is probably the easiest steps of all. But even though this may be the easiest part you still need to make sure that you have the right keywords included in your article that is related to your business, so the search engines can pick up on them.Another thing you need to understand that the article that you write really is not intended to sell the product. It’s purpose is actually to inform the public. Writing advertisements are a totally different topic and that’s not what this is about. The entire goal of writing an article about your business is to give the reader information so that their interest will be peaked. The article, although is informative, you still try to find a way to make it entertaining as well.Remember the keywords, well it is important to note that you pick the right ones and place them in your article. They need to relate to the topic but they also need to be ones that are searched for a lot with a variety of different search engines. So make sure that you do your research on keywords before you choose the ones that you want to put in your article. Google has a tool that can help you do that, so you might want to start your research there.The next step is to get your article distributed. There are a ton of different places that allow you to post your articles for free. You can start with article directories. Make sure that you find the higher ranked article directories and submit your articles to them first. This is going to increase the visibility of your articles. It is also advised that you should write one article a day for your business and submit the new article to the directories on a daily basis.

There are many other sites like eHow, Associated Content and the like that will allow you to post articles and in the interim they may even pay you for your article depending upon the topic and quality of what you have written.You might also want to distribute your articles through any social networks that you might belong to as well as sending them out through emails and asking that those whom you sent the article to send the article onto people that they know.